At FP Uniformz we employ a wide range of printing processes. We have a method to suit all needs and can print onto almost any material

Full-Colour printing

FP Uniformz has the state the art DTG (Direct To Garment) Printer to apply complex designs straight to the garment of choice, we also have many stock designs made up by our in house designer, that can be found in the FPCustomz section of the website. We print on eco-friendly garments using eco-friendly inks to help fight against climate change and global warming, we have stock of witcher designs, festival designs, artists such as Eminem and Migos and many more. Other than the DTG machine we can print full colour with our latex printers for more simple full-colour designs such as football sponsors or simple cut out designs or photos. so no matter your requirements, we have you covered.

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Vinyl Printing

Vinyl transfer printing is also known as cad cuts, this is a perfect solution for names and numbers or just single colour printing.  We have a massive variety range of colours, ranging from white to reflective silver and glitter.  Again this process reduces the impact on the environment as there is minimum waste. 

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Screen Printing

Using the GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Maker we are able to produce screen printed garments quicker and more efficiently than traditional screen printing methods.

Our 4 arm carousel allows for up to 4 colour logos.

Screen Printing creates a unique visual result; from extremely vivid colours to superior halftones, it is the best option for promotional events and bulk orders. The inks used are very durable and the screens can be created from PDF or JPEG artwork files.

Take advantage of our fantastic Screen Printed T-Shirt Offer

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