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No design is too complex for our expert design team at FP Uniformz and Fantasy Prints, using cutting edge technology and the software to match we can make any of your idea’s reality. Whether it be bringing a photograph to life on a garment or designing something using a drawing you have done yourself nothing is impossible. What we can do is truly out of this world…..

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One of the most popular requests we get is for pets to be digitized into stitches, horses, dogs, cats you name it we can do it. These can then be applied to any of our thousands of garments we supply including hoodies, hats, jackets and polo shirts.



Our highly trained team will assist you from day one until the completion of your order offering help and assistance along the way. There are thousands of thread colours to choose from to make sure your artwork is exactly how you want it, with samples supplied along the way we can ensure it is stitched perfectly for you.


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