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Having been asked to write up a cheeky little Blog post for you all, it was pretty obvious to me that I should tell you about an aspect of our job that I have really become obsessed with.
Merchandising and Promotion…
Whether it be for your Local team, favourite Hobby, Upcoming Event or in some cases your Independent Movie!!! That’s right you can do all of this through FPUniformz and much much more.
I guess being new to the company it hadn’t really occurred to me before that FPUniformz was an avenue for Promotional wears and Merchandise. That’s why I am going to tell you about some jobs I have done that best showcase the work we can do for you…


This was one of my most recent jobs for an 11-year-old boy whose major passion is Speedway racing. He goes out to a track in Local town Duns whenever he gets the chance and is “mad about it” according to his Mum and Dad. It’s one thing being great on the bike but you also have to look great on the bike, this is why his parents came to us to design and embroider his own line of racing wear. All in one riding clothing, Hats, Snapbacks, Beanies, Hoodies, T-shirts, Gilets, Coats, Suitcases and more. Safe to say come Christmas they are going to have one very happy young lad. All of this was designed by our in-house designer Jacques and completed by or skilled team on high-quality garments.

IMG 4604 IMG 4606 IMG 4607

“On behalf of me and my husband we want to give a huge thank you to all at FP Uniformz for all there help they have given us, I came to FP Uniformz not really sure how to order and what I actually needed. My son is s huge speedway fan and after following his favourite speedway team (The bandits) and buying as much merchandise he possibly can, the one gift he wanted for Christmas was his own merchandise with his own name on, after having a conversation with John he talked me through different ideas and managed to design us a logo exactly how we pictured it would be, we loved it so much we have had hoodies, hats, tracksuits, onesies all with my sons’ logo on and continue to keep ordering for the whole family. We can’t thank FP Uniformz enough for all the work they have put into our orders we just can’t get enough of it all, huge thank you guys… you will make his Christmas dream come true” – Stacey Bloomfied (Parent)



GEEKBOX (Gaming shop in Berwick town centre)

I myself have had a little bit of personalised Merchandise done (which we will get into). This led to a couple of lads I play football with approaching us to sort out some Merch for the new shop they have opened in town. A simple design that looks amazing when embroidered and adds a touch of class to proceedings for anyone walking through the doors to see. We wish the Geekbox lads all the best with their fledgeling yet rapidly growing business.

IMG 4754 IMG 4755 0

“We were looking for something simple, bold and high quality for our store hoodies and FP produced the goods to such a Geeky standard that we will be back for more in future.
Chad & Kev (Geek Box Owners)





365FLICKS PODCAST (Shameless Plug time)

While I do really enjoy my 9-5 at FPUniformz in my spare time I Host, Edit and Produce an Entertainment Podcast. This has been a hobby of mine for many years and I have always had trouble finding the right place to get our Pod Merch. I wanted high quality products with a high-quality finish. With the help of our Manager John and Designer Jacques I was able to figure out what I needed and our followers can now swag themselves out too with the new 365Flicks Podcast Online Store that has been set up for us by the team.
That’s right you can actually have an Online store through FPUniformz making it so much easier for you, your family and friends or in our case listeners to purchase your Merch. How’s that for customer service!!!!

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Once I realised some of what we were capable of promotion and merchandise wise I offered out our services to some of the guys we had become friendly within the Movie industry. It seemed like a great fit, we can provide high-quality Embroidered and Printed garments for a very affordable price compared to most companies out there which is what these guys starting out are looking for. Director Tom Paton of movie Black Site jumped at the chance and was over the moon with the end product. Just another happy customer.

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“I approached the company about creating merchandise for a new film we are promoting. After being told by several other companies that our design wouldn’t work on a printed T-Shirt, Kevin and the team proved them wrong by not only pulling it off, but also delivering quality, yet cost-effective product. Highly recommend working with these guys.”
– Tom Paton





These are just some of the jobs I have done since starting here that have really wowed me and shown what we can do and how much we can offer to our customers. I could go on for days but I don’t want to bore you all so I will leave you with this…
Whatever you are looking for by way of Merchandise for your Club, Hobby, Passion, Team, Projects, well ANYTHING we are you One-stop shop for your Embroidery and Printing needs.
KEVIN (Buzy Bee)

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