Keep warm this winter

how to keep warm in winter in the house

The question on everyone’s mind as the nights get darker and the weather gets a little cooler is how will we keep warm this winter. Especially with all the rising energy costs and the cost of living seemingly rising at an unprecedented rate. Well, fear not because we have just the items of clothing to keep you warm and comfy through the winter. This adults oversized cosy reversible sherpa hoodie which Oodies inspire is an absolute go-to.

It’s a Super-soft microfleece hoodie with snuggly warm sherpa lining – one size fits most – with a large pocket to keep your hands as warm as toast. These come in 3 different colours navy, grey and pink and can be customized with endless colours and designs.  Ideal for curling up on the sofa on a cold winter night this item can also be personalised when gifted to friends and family. This product also comes in a child’s size too of 55cm –

Kids absolutely love these not only are they the perfect warm cuddle needed when relaxing and watching Christmas movies but for the older kids are the perfect loungewear to stay warm whilst gaming and hanging out with friends. Nothing says warm night in like a snuggly sherpa hoodie sleepover.

While these may not be suitable for the smaller children under 3 we do have something to keep the babies and toddlers warm too and it’s our always popular dressing gowns which come in a range of colours – grey, sky blue, white and pink.

They are 100% polyester fleece, super soft on babies’ skin and have no label which can rub. Making them perfect for throwing on after a warm bath to stay warm or putting on top of pj’s when it’s movie time. We have even found them a great clothing accessory to throw over the top of clothes for a quick car journey to keep your child cosy and comfy.

In addition to these wonderful gift ideas to keep the whole family warm this year we have added The Teddy Bear fabric hoodie –

This is another oversized hoodie which is one size fits most and feels fleecy and warm against the skin and will definitely save you the need to put your heating on high this winter.

This is a small selection of the products we provide to keep everyone warm this winter, you can find a list of prices and personalisation options here – (link) to order your own or gift them to your family.  All of these products can be embroidered or printed with initials, names or any of our design templates. Want to create your own bespoke design? Just get in touch and we will turn your ideas into reality.

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