Advanced State of the Art machinery affords FP Uniformz the opportunity to produce orders of any quantity and allows us to service contracts from small sports clubs to event specific leisurewear orders, to corporate ranges and industrial workwear.

At FP Uniformz, our advanced embroidery and various printing facilities provide excellent flexibility in customisation; a greater choice of branded clothing allows FP Uniformz to deliver a range of workwear to suit your specific needs.

Our purpose-built facility in the North East of England and team of highly trained, dedicated staff, ensures that orders are satisfied in a timely fashion. Client expectations and requirements are met and exceeded with a dedicated account manager handling each new order and ensuring you always have a point of contact at FP Uniformz.

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Our Equipment


Whether you want embroidered workwear or promotional wear FP Uniformz can embroider a huge range of items, from your standard polo shirt, fleece, and hooded tops, to bags, hats and caps.  There is no minimum order for any of the items FP Uniformz supply. 

We have 2 state of the art Tajima embroidery machines, one is a 15 colour, 6 headed machine and the most recent machine is a 15 colour 8 headed machine.

FP Uniformz only use Maderia threads, the best thread on the market, and we produce the highest quality embroidered logos in a huge range of colours to match your logo or design.

embroidery machine
embroidery machine working


FP Uniformz has the state the art Mimaki CVJ30-100 with white ink.  This machine prints CMYK solvent straight on to vinyl that is then heat pressed on to any garment.  The machine is not only a printer but also a cutter!  This can cut to any shape to suit the logo.

This type of printing is a very clean process, there is no need for mixing inks and making screens.   It is very economic for short runs and also a fast turnaround.  It also healthier for the environment.

printing transfers printer

Screen Printing

Using the GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Maker we are able to produce screen printed garments quicker and more efficently than traditonal screen printing methods.

Our 4 arm carousel allows for up to 4 colour logos.

Screen Printing creates a unique visual result; from extremely vivid colours to superior half tones, it is the best option for promotional events and bulk orders. The inks used are very durable and the screens can be created from PDF or JPEG artwork files.

IMG 5703

Heat Press

Vinyl transfer printing is also known as cad cuts, this is a perfect solution for names and numbers or just single colour printing. We use a pneumatic heat press with adjustable time and temperature settings to apply a wide variety of vinyl and full colour transfers.  We have a massive variety range of colours, ranging from white to reflective silver and glitter. Again this process reduces the impact on the environment as there is minimum waste.