Day in the life of Beezy-D

It was a misty summers day when Beezy was out on his daily pollen collection trip, after he had everything to start his days grafting and making sweet looking designs for the customers around the world, he made his way to the hive…FPUniformz.

When he got to work, he noticed that we had a brand-new machine that printed the full-colour prints straight to the garment, this means he can print literally any design that he makes onto any garment with no faults or limitations to the design! Beezy was so happy that he started to come up with design ideas straight away in his head for Uniformz and different things that the hive could do with the amazing new machine! Before he could do that however there was a huge job in that had to be done for Verdant Leisure that had to go out the following week! Beezy was still happy as it meant he had a chance to perfect his skills on the machine before creating all his new and unique designs.

IMG 1494 IMG 1493 IMG 1492

Once Beezy and the rest of the Beez had learned how to use the new DTG machine, Beezy came up with the idea to do the Tough Mudder for charity to aid in fundraising for people in need of aid, they all agreed this was a superb idea and Beezy was tasked with the job of making all the graphics and sponsor forms for the tough mudder to be able to raise more money for charity. Once the forms were made the Beez decided on 4 main charity organisations to fundraise for:
The Sick Kids Edinburgh
OUCH! Cluster headaches
Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK)
Berwick Cancer
These charities were the close to heart for all the Beez and they felt that they would be the best choice to do the event for. Tough Mudder takes place in June at the Tough Mudder north location near Drumranlig Castle, we will post all the buzzing action on social Media so everyone can be part of the hive!

bark logo mast ECHC PrimaryLogo FullColour Small logo ouch trans

That’s all from Beezy and the hive today guys, we will keep you updated on the adventures and tasks that the future holds though!


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